Thursday, January 22, 2009

Feast Your Eyes on This!

Food Themed Feature! Alrighty, one of my most favorite things is food... probably this is true of most peopel:) (Top Chef on Bravo is my favorite show, woot woot!) But possibly right up there with TASTY food is BEAUTIFUL food. My hat is off to these fellow Etsians who create delicious and beautiful food -- I practically drooled while creating this post, it all looks so good!

Cookie Cravings by Http://

Sweet Caramely Treats! by

Marshmellows in Tasty Flavors! by Http://

Spices & Sprinkles by

Oreo's & Brownies with Love!by
(if you order, mention that you found ASugarAffair in this blog!)

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Happy Pre Valentine's!

This is my newest creation for Etsy in time for Valentine's Day!

What do you think?

Friday, January 16, 2009

Somebody explain this to me....

Someone who is a blogger intellectual; please school me....

I just signed up on Pingomatic as recommended.... but I don't know what it does? What are pings? And how do I know if it's relavant?

Wait wait I just went back and relooked... you can bookmark so you can RE-ping?

Someone help!

Oh my Gosh! People left me comments!

LOL! So I just checked on my blog, obviously, and was ASTOUNDED to see that people commented on it! Yay! I really didn't think it was going any where. Thanks to you good folks who left me posts! This is the encouragement I needed to keep plugging away:)
Thanks for site info, I will defintily be checking it out!