Saturday, February 7, 2009

More More & More Ice

Here are some more pics from our blissful snow day off from work. My husband and I LOVE to take photo's are working towards starting our own business. Pretty soon you will see some links on my blog to our business website! Our business would be wedding photography... but what we love is more like a photography field trip.... just go somewhere or even just having a camera with you for whenever something catches our eye. Not too far away is a large botonical garden and when I HAD money lol, I used to go regularly with camera in hand just to meander for hours taking pictures. When I met my husband, he didn't know he loved photography! haha but the artist in me watered the artist seed in him and it sprouted! Sometimes I think he's more passionate about it than I am! Actually what it is is that he is the "techy" of the two of us. I see and I shoot, I know my way around my camera to do what I want to do. But when it comes to equipment, upgrades, software, and technical photographer language and equipment; my husband is the man... he knows it without hardly trying! Anyway enough about that! On to the photos!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Burning our Christmas Tree!

So on Wednesday, my husband and I were BLESSED with a snow day from both our jobs. And FINALLY our Christmas Tree came down! lol ornaments were put away, and we drug that thing out of the house, into the yard to the fire pit. The tree was bone dry, needles all over the place. But somehow I kind doubted that the tree would be torched as quickly as my husband thought. I shouldn't have doubted though! Here are the pictures; from small flame to all out bonfire; I think it took 1-3 minutes for the tree to burn to it's skeleton.

Etsy Thread Killer!

I am running a thread killer on Etsy to giveaway this fab little Valentine Set on Natural Kraft with matching envelopes.
Size of cards are 2.5"x2.5" - Sweet mini size perfect for a simple love note:)
Come post on my thread: if you are the last person to post for 36 hours, you win this little set; and I will ship it for free to wherever you are in the world! Here is the thread URL: