Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Post Two....

So what's up with Twitter? Do people just look at what you're doing like Facebook?
I don't think I know how do to do this social networking blog promoting stuff... my husband says I'm anti social!

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  1. LOL your anti social at a social networking! lol. Congrats on your blogging venture! Twitter is like a book mark that tells everyone about your blog and updates.

    Here is some Info on blogging that could be helpful.
    Works just like Twitter
    This site has a plethora of info on pretty much anything you want photography, scrap booking, art, business etc. I read articles all the time from them. (Its a good way to see what trend your market is going too) Check it out

    On a side note you have some really cool merchandise on Etsy, I gotta show Theresa this!
    Expect a purchase from me soon :-)