Friday, August 14, 2009

Fabulous Friday

What a great way to start the day... yes I know it's already 11:49a.m. to be precise. However, I took today off from work to get ahead with inventory for Etsy. So already it was a good plan. Laying in bed with my hubs at 7:45a.m. which was sleeping in for me... when my text notification went off with an Etsy order! That will perk you up! Lol, but one order wasn't enough to get me OUT of bed! lol... several minutes later, ANOTHER text, another order! Ohoh!! Can it be? Two sales in ten minutes? Must be featured somewhere! NOW I get out of bed... grab the laptop, and hop back in bed lol. Hurray for days off;-) -- Sure enough, my Teenies are featured on the Etsy Front Page! Then another text! This time a convo for a bulk order, I like that of course! So I'm working up quote, yes still from the bed, Hubs is putting in his two cents worth of advice about how to run an Etsy business lol, and another text arrives and it's another Etsy order! By now I'm tickled with delight definitely awake:)... And getting hungrier by the MINUTE! And today is payday! I convince Hubs that we should go down the road to the diner for breakfast... which conveniently has a fabulous coupon/certificate deal on - He was in favor of eating in, and then buying a case of Woodchucks later! hah! I said my idea was cheaper;-D So off to the diner we go and eat the "Belly Buster Breakfast" ! I wish you could see it! Hubs finished his plates (yes, plural plateS) -- But I could only eat half, and the leftovers still looked like a large breakfast! Bluerberry pancakes, toast, sausage, eggs, hashbrowns, juice & coffee for 9.99 -- And I'll probably eat the left overs for lunch.. and dinner! Coffee was a little weak, but maybe I'll pop some more in here at home for myself.
Now that's it's 11:57a.m..... I am about start my day of Etsy inventory and working ahead......

P.S. These were featured on the FP!

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