Thursday, August 20, 2009

What a Day!

So, my day started famously. Woke up to FOUR Etsy convos, all inquiring about special custom orders which is very good of course. Went to work, discovered they were discarding some fantastic high back stuffed chairs. They're in really great condition. Turns out they are "out dated". hmmmm clearly a Gen Xer did not make that decision. Because the chairs are so "out dated" that they've come in style again! And to my eye, look terrifically mod and classic at the same time. The upholstering is a tiny brown & neutral check pattern, not amazing, but in good condition and will suit fine until I can re-upholster them which given the design of the chair will be pretty simple, just have to borrow the air stapler ;-) They had 9 chairs...and I got 4! Don't ask where we're gonna put them, not sure yet. Someday when we have a house, I'm going to cover each of them in a different color, and they'll be an artistic statement all by themselves, along with an accent pillow.

So now wait, that was just the START of my day! Work day went by very quickly, there seemed to be alot of people in and out and a great spray painting project ( I work in an office in a library... and yet, spray painting, yes.) and before I knew it it was after 3. But now it looks like rain, great, I have the truck but now to get these chairs home. Hmm. Wait? Maybe. Have Tarp? Yes I do! So we load up, tie it down, and at 4:15 it's still not raining - So I head out thinking I'm going to be alright, going towards the hospital to visit a friend on the way home, it's not out of the way, why not. Almost there and it's just beginning to spit alittle rain. No biggie, after all I have a tarp. WRONG. All of the sudden it's a torrential downpour, it coming down at an alarming rate and being to crack thunder and lightening! The wind is beginning to pick up and I'm driving so pretty soon my tarp is getting bigger and bigger in the rear view, oh geez. Now a stop light. Perfect. Reach through the cabs back window, grab that tarp and pull it through slam the window shut to hold it in place. Finally get to the hospital, it's still pouring and it is an all out thunderstorm. At this point I have no idea that there is a tornado watch in place until 6. Fortunately the hospital has an covered drive through at the door. I pull in not a moment too late. Thunder is ripping right over head and now I'm worried if I'm safe or not! The tarp is partially off the chairs so the corner is soaked and I'm wondering now looking at the rope how in the world the tarp stayed on anyway. After about 15 minutes I finally have the tarp back in place and tied down securely. And I'm drenched. Flip flops flooded, pant legs soaked, shirt drenched, glasses wet, now I'm a wreck. Now to go inside to visit my friend and drip water all down the hall way so that everyone there for phys therapy can slip all over the floor. And just as I finish with the truck, the rain breaks, and lets up. Great timing. I visit for a bit then realize it's beginning to rain again. This is when I discover the tornado watch, hmm how about that. I'm thinking it's time to get home before pushing my good graces with the hospital being parked under their drive through and before the weather decides to freak out. It's raining again, but the further west I go the better it gets. It's almost blue skies by the time I get home and now it's sunny again. The hubs isn't home yet, so I in all my superwoman glory, back the pick up up to the door, untie, untarp, and unload those chairs. By now I've earned them lol.

Now I'm realizing that it's almost 6:40pm, hubs should be getting home soon and I haven't done a thing about dinner in the half hour since I've arrive. Good thing we got hot dogs!

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