Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hmmmm Warm Mint

And again, my color obsession bites me!!! What do these colors remind you of?? I think of several things. The charcoal and mint blue makes me icey & warm at the same time! I think cool and wintery, yet snuggly! I think favorite soft gray cardigan in January. I think the Maine coast on very cold day with the wind and ocean whipping about. Lol I think Earl Gray Tea with cream! Any way, here they be: my latest color creation ;-)


  1. Great color combination! I agree, seems to remind me of warmth on a cool day - which is hard for me to envision here in Phoenix right now. :)

  2. I have really been into blues and browns lately. I made a skirt for the neighbor girl out of it and a new dress for myself. I love it Hol!

    I saw in your twitter that you were looking for more local exposures, and you may have already thought of this, but I just wanted to mention (Ha! how is that for a run-on sentence), there are a few stores downtown near Central that migth carry things. Of course, they would probably want a commission. If I ever open a shop, I will let you sell there:) If!

    Have a lovely afternoon:)

  3. There is a shop that is moving from the inside of that one area (that's a good description, no?) to Gallery Row. I'm not exactly sure where Gallery Row is, but this might be a store to check out. I can't remember the name of the store, but they do all fair trade and local artists and things like that. My friend took one of their cards so I will try to remember to ask her.

    I like your packaging in the pictures. It is simple and I like that you can see a lot of the card so you really know what you are getting. If there were italics in this, I would italicize know.

    I can't do the Ctrl I because of the program I am working with for work. It pulls up a line counter that comes with the program. Thanks for the idea though! I think I am stuck using the mouse. What a waste of time...although I am pretty good at wasting time on my own here...

    Would you like to hear a confession? I started a wedding gift for you last winter. It was just going to be a leetle bit late...but it isn't finished yet. So maybe you will get it for a one year and three months anniversary present. Maybe. Or maybe a five year anniversary present. Perhaps if you threaten me, I will get on the ball with it. I keep getting distracted with other things.

    Okay, I am supposed to be working and the girls are taking an extra-long nap so I really should take advantage of this but I am so easily distracted by the computer especially since it notifies me of my emails...ah!

    I hope you do not mind super-long comments!